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Air and Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings - Minneapolis MN

When a hose needs to connect from point "A" to point "B", we have what you need to make the connection. The hose may convey air, hydraulic fluid, or maybe even something else. Compressed gases and fluids are used as agents of direct force transfer in ways that chains and gears cannot be used.

These unique characteristics of pneumatic and hydraulic lines and hoses, and the hydraulic fittings plus connectors and couplings that join them together or to a piece of equipment have some unique issues of maintenance as well.

Types of pneumatic and hydraulic hoses and fittings we carry

We carry lines and hoses for almost every industry application up to 1 inch in diameter. Shop air lines and plastic pneumatic tubing are on hand. We deal with 120 psi and 175 psi pressure levels with lines good to 300 psi and surges up to 1000 psi.

In the area of hydraulic hoses and hydraulic hose fittings, we have many sizes and can quickly custom make your hose assembly to the length you need and with the proper fittings. Our steel-braided hoses meet standard ISO and industry requirements for their application.

hydraulic hoses by cutter sales

We carry hoses and Couplamatic fittings and connectors, including flat-faced fittings. If you have a Parker-Hannifin, Goodyear, Aeroquip, or Eaton Weatherhead line or fitting, we can help you get the hose assembly configuration you need for your application.

Custom assemblies while you wait

A fast turn-around is our specialty. Often, we can make up the new or repair hose and connector assembly configuration you need while you wait. Most we can make within 15 minutes.

We carry hard-to-find ends, like British, German and Japanese varieties.

Hydraulic hose and pneumatic line applications we see most often

Here is a small sample of the applications for which we supply hydraulic and pneumatic hose, fittings and other components.

Top tips to watch out for with hydraulics

Quality products in hydraulic hose and pneumatic lines is not the only thing require to keep a system running well. Installation and environmental factors contribute to the long-term reliability of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Following is a list of the top reasons hydraulic, hoses, lines, fittings and connectors require replacement and regular maintenance.

At Cutter-Sales, we can help identify the right type of fitting, connector, hose or line for your hydraulic or pneumatic application.

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