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About Us – Industrial Bearing Supply/Distributor Minneapolis, MN

Customers keep coming back because we are results-oriented and make no excuses.

Think of us as your source for industrial parts.

We’ve been in business since 1980. Our shop is staffed by a knowledgeable staff with first-hand experience doing the same types of equipment maintenance and repair you do. We’re good guys you can trust.

Give us the part number. We’ll find it.

Owner, Paul Sanders, has said, “There’s nothing worse than calling up and someone saying ‘I don’t have it’ and hanging up. That drives me crazy. Think, man! Think! Couldn’t that person even offer a suggestion of where else to look?”

Not only do we carry commonly used parts, but we do well at providing those unusual or hard-to-find parts.

It doesn’t matter if it’s English, ANSI, ISO / metric, or British (chain) specifications. Your piece of equipment needs what it needs. We maintain the attitude that we can find the part you need.

We even stock electric motors and controllers from 1/3 HP up to 3-Phase 7.5 HP.

Types of equipment

Really, it’s anything with components that can wear out or need replacement.

The types of equipment we’ve see on a regular basis are things like printing presses, cardboard manufacturing equipment, plastic and thermal formers, heavy construction equipment, road crew trucks and snowplows, or any machine in a plant or building that tends to be bolted down.

We serve maintenance and the shop floor

You could be maintaining an industrial vehicle, piece of heavy equipment, a factory or the HVAC l systems of a building. You may be in maintenance, MRO maintenance repair or part of Operations. You might be on a road crew or contractor, in building or road construction, building demolition, or making a custom machine tool.

Whatever the case, we’re here to help you with your parts needs.

We supply users of heavy equipment with the parts they need to keep their equipment running and doing the work they were meant to do.

In the area of building and factory maintenance, we have those hard-to-find parts for their building, factory (Belts, pulleys, bearings, electric motors, etc), and shop floor equipment.

We even make custom parts, when needed. When you need a special, custom length of industrial hydraulic hose or a certain length of chain, call us. We’ve got you covered… and if we don’t happen to have the part, we’ll do everything we can to help you find it.

We won’t leave you hanging. We go the extra mile for you.

We serve the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area and many industrial farms and production centers in the outlying areas.

We do custom work

We are solution-oriented. That means a stock part may not be exactly what you need. We can make just about any kind of hydraulic hose / fitting / connector combination you need in our shop. We even work with local fabricators for those one-of-a-kind parts that nobody makes because it’s part of a custom piece of equipment.

Having the part you need

At Cutter-Sales, we watch our inventory levels closely and track demand for certain parts. We also know that unusual or “odd-ball” parts are out there, so we try to keep a supply of those hard-to-find items. We maintain a close relationship with our suppliers so that we can replenish our supply and get you the part you need as quickly as possible.

When to call Cutter-Sales

If it twists, turns, gets thinner or has a pivot, there will be wear. If you need a wear-component for a product or a machine, that’s when to call Cutter-Sales, your source for the industrial part you need to get back up and running.

That’s why when you need a part for your industrial application, Cutter-Sales should be your first call.

Cutter Sales has been providing superior customer service selling industrial supplies since 1980 to Northern Minneapolis Minnesota Businesses.

bearing supply expert

Our expertise matters. Call us at (763) 425-8696

We are results-oriented and make no excuses. Give us the part number and we will find it.

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